Impress creations take "Generic out of stock packaging"


In this packaging section, you will find all the standard solid colors in standard sizes and shapes. What's different? The impressive difference! Impress Packaging loves detail and quality; our stock colors are clean and vibrant. Our box construction, specifically the fold and locking technology, is second to none. Add your company logo with a sticker or hot foil stamp for a customized look. You’re proud of the product inside, make sure your packaging conveys the same message, Impressive!

Even our white packaging stands out as the very best in the industry. We are the only stock box company that clear coats white packaging. We do this for two reasons. First of all, the white surface looks more impressive with a gloss finish, increasing eye appeal. Secondly, due to the clear gloss coating you can now wipe off smudges that appear during packing. Impress is the only company that can make this claim.

Try any one of our boxes; see for yourself, Impress Packaging has taken Generic Packaging to the next level. Best of all, you’re going to save money too!