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Imprint-Hot Stamping

Turn our stock packaging into your custom look.
High quality at value pricing.

Note: Run charges are the same for Imprinting (Ink), Hot Stamping (Foil) or Blind Embossing

Order Quantity (Number of Boxes)
*250 - 499
*500 - 999
1,000 - 4,999
5,000 - 9,999
10,000 - 15,000
Over 15,000
1 Color Price / Box
Call for
2 Color Price / Box
*Set-up Charge: $65.00 set up charge applies only to orders under 5,000

How to use this chart: For each product you are ordering, please follow these simple steps.

  1. Find box order quantity required. Quantities are identified at the top of each column.
  2. Locate the appropriate run charge where the number of colors and designated quantity intersect. A run charge per box is listed under each quantity desired.
  3. If more than one copy:
    2 copies: Multiply the rate determined in Step 2 by 2.
    3 copies: Multiply the rate determined in Step 2 by 3.

Continue this multiplication process for additional copies. More than two copies subject to quote.

Pricing Example:

What is my price for 5000 Red one piece 1 lb. boxes hot stamped in one color, gold foil, one copy (logo, ingredients, net weight)?

5000 No. BJ197R @ $.23 per box =
$1,150.00 Box Price
5000 @ $.10 per piece =
500.00 Stamping run charge
  $1,650.00 Total (plus art and plate charges, and taxes if applicable)



Limitations of Foil Stamping

Complex designs and fine details may present challenges in reproduction. Simple designs are often the most effective. If you wish to change a design from imprinting to foil stamping, Impress Packaging

Press Proofs

Impress Packaging will mail a photocopy or fax a proof of artwork and layout for your approvaal. We must have a signed proof before proceeding with plates and scheduling production, so a prompt approval will expedite your order. There is no charge for these proofs. For an imprinting or foil stamping press proof, a charge of $75.00 per color will be added to any art and plate charges.

Tips for Order Preparation

  1. Remember, a simple design will give the best results.
  2. Be sure to print the copy exactly as you want it to appear on the box, using the blank side of the Order Form.
  3. Impress Packaging will prepare your artwork for a nominal charge, for the best results.
  4. Please mail original artwork, if you have it, to Impress Packaging, attn: Graphic Services - we will evaluate it before you order. Pack it with care; artwork must not be folded, stapled or bent.
  5. Photocopies or faxed artwork are not acceptable for reproduction. We require CLEAN black and white art, or computer created digital art.
  6. Illustrations in your artwork must consist of clean black line drawings-we cannot use shading, halftone screens/tints, pencil sketches, art on colored backgrounds or foil labels for reproduction. Broken letters or lines will give poor results.

We offer fast service.

Impress Packaging can imprint or foil stamp your logo, ingredients, etc. in Full Case quantities, and usually can ship within 10 business days after credit and proof are approved. Exact repeat orders can usually be shipped within 7 business days of credit approval.

Do you want exact quantities?

We will imprint or foil stamp the exact number of boxes you require. “No overrun or underrun,” should be specified on the order, if exact quantity is needed. Large imprinted or stamped areas-no premium charge. For most customer situations, including 60-70% copy area coverage, the rates in the above chart apply. However, we must use a different manufacturing process when printing an entire box surface with an overall solid color. In this case, we require a minimum order of 10,000 boxes and a longer lead time, and 10% overruns/underruns apply. For further details, see “Custom Packaging”

Figure your imprinting/foil stamping run charges

Use the handy chart above to calculate costs of imprinting, foil stamping or embossing your order. Quantity pricing does not offer assortability, you must use the same copy on all boxes, and they must all be the same product number.

Standing plates

For your convenience, if you have plates standing at another packaging company, Impress Packaging will remake your plates at no charge. Contact your sales representative for details.

Art and plate charges

This is the charge for producing new or revised art, and the plates that apply your image to the boxes.We will give you a cost estimate before starting the process. We keep your imprint/stamping plates on file for four (4) years after the last use. After that time, you will be charged for new plates. Changing an imprint into a foil stamp involves a different process, and you will be charged for a new plate from your imprint art on file.You will be invoiced for art and plate charges when your order ships, or within 60 days of order entry, if that happens sooner. Impress Packaging artwork on imprint orders that are cancelled will be billed. Customer furnished artwork: we are not responsible for errors, and customer has sole responsibility for trademark/copyright compliance in using logos, symbols or marks in imprinting artwork.

Standard Imprint Colors

Impress Packaging stocks, at no additional charge, all popular PMS colors (Pantone Matching System).

Standard Foil Stamping Colors

Foil stamping is highly recommended on solid color boxes. It yields a more striking effect and more uniform color.You must include the word “foil” on your order along with the color name, as shown below:

Foil Black Foil Copper Foil Lavender Foil Red
Foil Aqua Foil Dark Blue Foil Light Blue Foil Royal Blue
Foil Brown Foil Dark Green Foil Mauve Foil Silver
Foil Burgundy Foil Gold Foil Orange Foil Teal
Foil Cerise Foil Green Foil Purple Foil White